• Apply lacquer in thin, even coats, and allow as much dry time as possible after each layer.
  • For most visible effect, start with darker colors and go lighter/sheerer from there.
  • To darken polish colors, try a coat of Espresso (black) underneath, or add a coat or two of Anisette specialty topper (sheer black jelly) on top.
  • To lighten or brighten polish colors, a coat of Cream (white) underneath can pop light to medium shades.
  • To soften or mute a polish color, top with a coat or two of Frothe specialty topper (sheer off white jelly).
  • Adding special effect toppers over any lacquer customizes color and extends wear.


  • For best blending, mix like polish types – i.e., creams with creams, pearls with pearls, glitters with glitters.
  • Start with the color you want to be dominant and mix in others little by little till desired effect.
  • Mixed polishes don’t last as long as the originals, so smaller batches are best.
  • Always cover your working surface, or work on a paper plate.
  • Using funnels made out of note paper can make pouring easier.


  • Start every cocktail with Simple Syrup base coat to fortify and protect.
  • Top it off with Vodka or Dry Gin top coat, reapplying every other day for maximum wear.
  • Use Cocktail Napkins polish remover squares to clean and condition natural nails in one shot.
  • Spritz freshly polished nails with Dry Martini drying spray to dry nails in a flash.
  • Get nails clean and pristine after stains from dark polish, hair dyes, self-tanner, etc., with a refreshing soak in Club Soda Fizz. Lightly buff nails before soaking for best results. For severe stains, multiple soaks might be required.


Our incomparable stains make the perfect foundation for any lip look.

  • On lips, apply a thin, even layer and allow to dry. Top with balm or gloss to add moisture and maximize wear.
  • On cheeks, apply after moisturizer or foundation and blend with fingertips.
  • Try layering multiple lipsticks, stains or glosses for even more custom looks and maximum wear.


Eye Cordials combine the wear of a base with the color of a shadow.

  • To use, apply with applicator, blend with fingertip and allow to set. Wear alone or top with powder shadow for crease-proof color.
  • Blend multiple cordial shades or use as a smudge-proof liner to create even more looks.