‘Tini Beauty stocks a full line of top-shelf nail, lip and eye cosmetics in an array of colors, from the timeless to the cutting-edge. Inspired by cocktails as much as “cocktailing” – the beauty industry practice of combining multiple products to achieve a desired custom result – our menu features everything from the classics Bloody Mary and Champagne and trend shades like Millionaire and Flirtini, to curated collections inspired by a Speakeasy or Garden Party. And what just might be the best part? Virtually each one of our professional quality cosmetics can be worn alone or in combination to create countless looks, shades, effects and nail designs – which means endless possibilities for creativity and customization for our patrons.


One of the first prestige nail polish brands on the market to be vegan and 3-free – no formaldehyde, no toluene, no dibutyl phthalate – Nailtini has since gone even further. Now 4-free – no formaldehyde resin – and soon to be 5-free – no camphor, currently only in our Vodka top coat – Nailtini remains one of the lowest toxin traditional lacquers available without sacrificing performance or wear. All ‘Tini Beauty products are also paraben-free and cruelty-free in keeping with our commitment to social responsibility.


When ‘Tini Beauty founder and lifelong cosmetic lover Michelle Toma Olson couldn’t find the perfect nail shade for her wedding, she decided to mix her own, and the idea behind Nailtini was born. Since its 2003 launch, the “cocktailing” concept has blossomed into a full bar of cosmetics available in fine salons and boutiques across the country.